First Delivery and Graduation

Last Thursday Evan and I finished the first phase of the Business Development Training program through a great organization called Washington CASH. It was an 8 week program in which we developed our business plan and narrowed the focus of this business.

We have been wanting to start our own small bakery for a long time, but we had no idea how to go about getting started. Last Summer I received an order from Amazon to create 156 cookies decorated like Clue Murder Weapons, and I jumped at the chance even though we have a tiny kitchen and two full-time jobs.

That experience pushed us forward into wanting to create a business with a website, pricing, and information that would be pertinent to a potential customer.

After attending Washington CASH’s orientation and interviewing with a representative we were accepted into the program. Washington CASH is a nonprofit organization designed to help low-income individuals obtain the tools and skills they need to become successful business owners.

Over the course of the 8 week program we were able to narrow our focus down to the services we can provide now, and begin to build our bakery. We learned how to calculate our costs, expenses and finally our break-even analysis in order to decide whether or not this bakery would be financially viable for us Our immediate goal is to provide online orders for delivery to the Seattle area, and gradually introduce other products and baked goods to the website. We are also hoping to offer cookies during the Christmas season, which could potentially be shipped all over the US.

 Washington CASH hosted a graduation night for every person finishing the course, which was essentially a venue to showcase our business and sell product!

Evan and I put together a table for people to try mini pie samples, win a pie, and order for the Holidays.

At this event we received our first pie order – which was to be delivered two days later! The next day we scrambled to get our baking done for the order, and had pies cooling by that night. After work the following day we delivered the order for an early Holiday season party.

We are so excited to start baking and delivering pies all throughout this upcoming Holiday season!